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Exquisite Fate

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Conscious for the moment’s place
A priori time and space
Thinking life surprised as minutes
Time repeats concentric limits

Color bleeding clouds that cover
Saturated sponges hover
See if you can spy a face
Skylights fallout
Chartered grace

Sunlit canvass tones and hues
Frozen in a state of bloom
As far as we may contemplate
Earth revolves exquisite fate


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Footsteps in frost
Trailing warmth lost
Moist steam of cake icing
Wrathful cloud
Lip blistering
Shivers compound
Look out dirty window
Gazing down
Intermittent cars drone sound
Running off excuse’s fume

Bulbs twinkle
Reflective sequin
Through the pane
Silent night
Restless talk
Shivering remains
Parallax, days
Stars shine
Not knowing

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