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Muted Sirens

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Ulysses stuffed both ears with wax
Stood up with body tied to mast
Muted Sirens floating past
Homeward to Penelope

To face a lot of drunken suitors
That bunch of pillaging fucked up losers
Who knew not what he had endured
While she remained his life’s reward

Through bloody war
Held captive plight
His missing piece each lonely night
Kept him determined to reach his goal:
A joyous reunion of two lost loving souls


Morning Fades (The Morning of August 7, 2009)

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East Lansing

Humanity guided by omen
With powers declaring war
Better to inspire future poets
To sing like never before

Think old eyes
Saw this at see
Long for the gaze
Await Penelope
Visions of Ulysses
Barnacle, nautical
Ten years of spring
Homeric surge audible

Sky full of dreams
Multicolored threads
All time interwoven
In art and in moments…
Colors wilt and morning fades
By degrees of the sun’s warming rays


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Never wanted to become a writer
Uncertain about what I could be
Life then changed once pain inspired
Experience confronted and leveled me

Signals from my heart afire
Brooded lost and feigned desire
Bound by lines myself enslaved
Figured I’d write or go insane

Beautiful words transform complaint
A novel approach began each day
Anyway, I’ve come to embrace
Gave in finally, dared to create

An empty canvas clears the mind
Look to the future, hope to find
One’s past can never be erased
Yes to art! this life! our fate!