The Scales of Dustus

Old scaleAuthor reviews the experience of reading his novel in
Paperback  vs.  on the Amazon Kindle

—by Adam Dustus

Over the past year I have been fortunate to realize a lifelong goal.  Ever since I discovered the sheer pleasure of connecting with books, I dreamed of becoming a thought-provoking novelist.  Having always wondered what it would be like to read my own novel for the first time in paperback, I finally earned the privilege of enjoying the physical proof of High School Asylum.  I was inspired and moved to work even harder by the pivotal experience.  Stirred by many emotions of satisfaction and gratitude, I wrote about that day I received my proof copies on The Dustus Blog  (Twice the Proofs on January 7th). After tearing open the UPS envelope, I marveled at the cover; then read all 366 pages.  Smiling for days, I kept thinking, “Wow, my first novel in paperback!  Can anything top this?”

Well, let’s all face it….  Times have changed with technology.  Killing trees hurts the environment, and most likely the next generation will be more connected and wired than I could ever imagine. That’s why I decided to release High School Asylum on Amazon Kindle.

Reading it electronically, I had an experience that I needed to share.  It changed my attitude, career, and caused me to marvel at the reality of keeping one’s entire library inside a single “book.” However, I remained a bit of a skeptic being someone who grew up to relish old books—especially the way they feel, smell, prefaces, conclusions, printed thought upon each page, their typographical design, and interesting cover layouts—I will always love actual printed books.

Admittedly, I was extremely curious about this “Kindle thing.”  Then I noticed it growing in popularity according to the Kindle fan page on Facebook.  It was then I could not resist and reviewed High School Asylum on the smooth-white device.  Honestly, I could not put the Kindle down.  Pages and portraits of artists are very clear, and it even read me my own bedtime story through the text-to-speech function.  Last time that happened I was five-years old and had to nag my dad to read to me.

Thus I find myself at a crossroads. Paperback (old school) vs. Kindle (the future)?  Answer… Both.  I am encouraged by the many ways an artist can now share work.  As a devoted reader, I buy a book on Kindle first to see if I like it.  If so, then I buy the paperback.  For me, it’s a balance of time.


Adam Dustus is a blogger, novelist, poet, and graphic artist who enjoys posting his thoughts and creating Podcasts.  His most notable literary work to date is High School Asylum, which depicts the overwhelming emotions of feeling alienated from life and high school culture.


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High School Asylum cover illustration by Keven Lupien
All Photos by Kim Lennox
Graphic Design by Adam Dustus

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