A Golden Scheme

This time I might discover life
Accepting death a golden scheme

Well squeeze moist eyes; uplift soft sighs
This time I might discover life
Repeats no points for bitter pride
To not break down—my goal it seems

This time I might discover life
Accepting death a golden scheme

Would you like to hear me read this Triolet?

A, B, a, A, a, b, A, B (iambic)

*The above photograph courtesy of UK photographer Fee Easton. Fee was interviewed on  One Shoot Sunday.

80 Responses to “A Golden Scheme”

  1. What a fantastic photo to accompany this most frustrating of forms (for me anyway!) The reading was beautiful, and in that acceptance, golden, life is truly discovered and lived. Wow…I really, truly enjoyed this today…thank you

  2. It seems on Flash Friday that the first person to comment on GMan’s work calls “Yahtzee!” So in my case, thanks for the Uno! lol I’d say thanks for Gin! But that would mean something else entirely. Cheers, Tasha

  3. nicely done adam…if only we could do again and this time take life for what it is and without regrets…really a lovely read…happy one shot my friend….

  4. Well said, regret is difficult to forget. See you out on the trails, B

  5. Being brave again and producing a wonderfully sentimental triolet. Pass some of that gin over here would you? Chin chin

  6. A wonderful photo to complement the poem…enjoyed your reading.

  7. thats an interesting form.
    your writes have so much depth and beauty.

  8. lovely triolet. I always wondered what those crazies over at gman’s were yelling yahtzee for 🙂

  9. gosh.. thanks for using one of my fav photos… complimented so well with your golden words…

  10. Jacqueline Dick Says:

    Think this is my first triolet experience. It is beautiful..and language seems deceptively easy yet not so… Far in future I think for this fledgling to try…

  11. You’ve done the hardest part of a triolet superbly here adam, adding that little twist in the middle that tilts the meaning of the last couplet and resets the poem. This is a very condensed, focused way to write, and often gets bland-ified by the repetition. Not so here, every word sharp and carrying full weight. Good stuff, and a beautiful photo to illustrate it, also.

  12. oh this flows smooth like a river adam – beautful words – like music in my ears – and beautiful read as well…listened twice..

  13. beautiful…yes, life accepting death.

  14. amy everett Says:

    very beautiful

  15. Great triolet. Takes patience to make one come out right.

  16. moondustwriter Says:

    nice Triolet Adam
    the golden is so vibrant in the words and the image
    I always am taken away by your writing

  17. I love when it’s read aloud. Triolet is new to my inner and outer ears.

  18. Great words and a stunning photo.

  19. The form really suits the premise of this piece Adam, love this line

    Well squeeze moist eyes; uplift soft sighs – touch, sound, movement, alliteration and a mid-line rhyme – what’s not to love…

  20. Nice triolet Dustus…it is a fun form and you did an excellent job…Accepting life and go forward with it as long and as strong as we can…we have to move onward…nice writing…bkm

  21. Lovely triolet Adam, wonderful word choices.
    We must move forward, no matter how much
    we feel the need to look back. We all live with

  22. an invitation…or perhaps, a schematic

    Peace, hp

  23. this was an absolutely beautiful, thought provoking piece…
    and just how many “this times” are we allowed ? 🙂

  24. Somehow this gives me hope.

  25. Anita Wakeham Says:

    Thought provoking beautiful words Adam.


  26. Well done Triolet Adam.
    Loved the pic as well….G

  27. Well Adam “golden mouth,” we’ll have to call you Chrysostom. Enjoyed your triolet.

  28. Beautifully written.

  29. I read it twice then I listened to it once. I like the twinge of optimism commenting on the human condition.

  30. I don’t know a thing about a triolet or how challenging this must have been, Adam. All I know is that I think you have written about what I like about us more than anything else. We seem to have the ability to find the best from the worst and live to face another day.

  31. Sorry I missed this yesterday. It’s a beautiful and golden dance – courtly in understanding. Enjoyed it very much. Quite strict and very balanced and musical. Well done, you! Gay

  32. Flat out lovely, Adam. Well done.

  33. A golden yin yang of wisdom, insight and beauty. Dense in meaning and feeling.

  34. Adam this is amazing! So much contained in so few words. Thanks for this and all you do to promote poetry

  35. Evokes a tender, sorrowing mood– beautiful imagery, Adam. xj

  36. A lovely triolet, Adam! Really like the enjambment a lot! The struggle to accept and surrender here is palpable as that sunset in the amazing photo that accompanies this. And “golden scheme” is definitely worthy of the repetition. Fine, fine writing!

  37. Nice piece, Adam.

    Your voice and cadence remind me a little of Jim Morrison.

  38. In reading it felt like one of my favorite poets (My fair Emily… a love affair of old). It has that gentle pang that her work so often did… But it has a robustness that’s all you. I’ve come to really enjoy your way with phrasing.

  39. Dear Adam

    This one verse is quite close to my thinking that I have been voicing all over my poetry… I liked the take you have taken about life…. The acceptance of Death is very beautiful percept of Buddhism as well as Hindu philosphy though they differ in their understanding a lot. I also enjoyed your way, how to live within this parameter of acceptance as well as the slight indication of rebirth within your words…
    ‘This time I might discover life’
    I enjoyed it immensely… Beautiful.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Connect me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  40. Death is part of life. Too bad we fear it so much.

  41. Very nice triolet. Well done you!

  42. stunning picture, absolutely love it

  43. Sally j Blackmore Says:

    Love the turn in the middle and so admire the way you conform to the triolet without it seeming forced in any way.

  44. really beautiful, very zen-like and filled with hope.

  45. Good one, sir. The dance between life and death is interesting.

  46. I read first and then listened to you read. It’s completely beautiful in and of itself Adam. but your reading made it whole.

  47. it’s not surprising with the situation in Japan, but it is interesting how it seems to be affecting poets.

    “Accepting death a golden scheme”

    beautiful though haunting. and the perfect photograph to accompany your poem. i love it!

  48. oops! the first sentence of my previous comment was supposed to be ~
    it’s not surprising with the situation in Japan, but it is interesting how it seems to be affecting poets ~ i’ve seen several poems already this morning with the theme of life and death.

  49. A very well-constructed triolet, with just the right touch of melancholy.

  50. Without death, life can’t renew itself…

    an ordinary moment

  51. The poem and the photo are both beautiful. Your words lead me to reflect upon life and its impermanence.

  52. Death as a “golden scheme” is one of those paradoxes that seem to make no sense on its face, but contains more than a kernel of truth. This is very nice work, especially given the restrictions of the triolet.

  53. Beautiful triolet and triograph with also a golden scheme. Joy to you, Adam.

  54. Well written and read, Adam. Effective message as well.

  55. Well said, Adam.. embracing the pain and sadness and leveraging it to help us move forward is the best way to go about it.. After all, without pain, there is no joy.. and without a glimpse of death, there is no meaning for life..

    You have expressed this beautifully here.. Kudos, my friend..

  56. Thanks for the comments on my poem, I really appreciate the helpful feedback.

  57. Excellent piece…intricate beyond my skill level, but wonderful to read. Vb

  58. This captures the complex mix of emotions that engulfs us when we’re womped on the head with mortality, and that somehow we’ve escaped death this time around. I find the hopefulness in this to be very uplifting which, in a way, is like being handed a clean slate.

  59. A triolet on a subject that otherwise would weigh heavily on the heart–that you made lighter to bear yet driving it hard so as not to turn away from…excellent piece, Adam!

  60. The golden sunset, representing death as a golden scheme, is well complimented by the shadow of our children left behind on the shore to carry on the grand plan, however we conceive it.

  61. A difficult form to illicit a smooth flow, but you have done it well here Adam. And I thank you for visiting me at my blog earlier. Your presence, and eloquent reading of your own poem, remind me that I should ask you what widget or program you use for your readings. Sometimes hearing a poem just changes or adds so much and it can be well worth a capture.

  62. I like this…”This time I might discover life”…having more chances.

  63. A very beautiful triolet I say!
    The words and the essence make it a wonderful life- song..

    I feel inspired to do a triolet now- anyday I do it, credit would go to you for making me write one 🙂

    Mega Hugs xxxx
    Your words made me smile too- perhaps this is just what I needed! Acceptance and then moving on..

  64. Wonderful words and a terrific photo. Nicely done.

  65. i like that line….to not break down…my goal…nicely penned dustus…

    and thank you so much for stopping by…

  66. The world is full of balance, to know truth we must know lies and to know life we must know death. I love your words and the photograph is absolutely breath taking.

  67. This time I might discover life.

    A very thought provoking line, Adam. You are a teacher introducing new
    (to me) forms of poetry while laying out intricate lines that leave me challenged to think about the important things in life…thanks.

  68. Sentimental, thoughtful … Loved reading.

  69. […] special note of Thanks go to Adam Dustus. It was only reading him that I had actually wanted to try writing […]

  70. I love this line “Accepting death a golden scheme.” Not sure what it means, but it brings to mind a myriad of dreams.

  71. Here’s to hoping that you discover a soft and sweet life..

  72. Absolute beautiful Triolet, such a touching piece to come to a place of peace of death in life. Your talents are remarkable ~ Rose

  73. I enjoyed this very much Adam.

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