The One That Got Away

I loved her, honest
Warm shoulder, face, soft eyes
Mostly imagined, as well as initial
Surprise pet names
Rats make for a stupid hat
Dancing spastic to Sinatra’s pack…
If like-attracts-like
Then I am insane

Benighted cotton balls, human
Upon magellin’ hair
Sniffling through catacombs—
Their ancestors spared
Licking skull eye sockets
Smelling condensed blood
Without squeaky pre-flights
No airline cruising bag of nuts
Nor fearing yawlps from elephants
Over cobalt blue tears
Coloring Ulysses butterfly
I’ll never tell—Pinky & Brain swear
Because one never really knows why
Some cast a wicked spell
Knowing it’s not healthy: staring into glare
Though rodents tickle smile growth
Your left side looks so dark and scared

Like unto her, recognized one
Took held breath from my yesterdays
Making me finally cut; the bleeding runs
Strolling edit, weekends come
Always wanting, aching fade
Craving thrills, smelling grave
Fair nuanced shake
I’ll squeeze that sponge
Drink lips, fears, spiked pain
As tales trail sensing time frames
Independent journey pines for nothing
Now, except sapling splinters— 
A privilege being a writer
Fucking sue me; one-shoot-me
Looking past this, future smiles
While mental illness crying fire
Patrons trample burning aisles
Saying cheese, final friend
When love is all I want and need
Until we meet again—

From Skinner’s lair to inside trees
Panopticons and lakeside springs 
Postcard composure
Photographs, dreams
Through notes, held keys
Wind-song through reeds while
The one who kept me up at night
Feeling nothing except history
That part of me… faux enemy

Died today
Remembering with a sigh
Will never be the same

Goodbye, One Stop

Care for a reading of The One That Got Away?

*spectacular photography by Rosie Hardy

Chris G… wish you a fantastic new beginning, my friend.  Learned a great deal from you, and have high expectations for your future accomplishments. All the best for a great start in CO! Don’t be a stranger.

Final Words of Thanks….
I really don’t know what to say, and I’ve thought about it obsessively, go figure…. Guess it’s kind of hitting me all at once now. To sum up the journey, I’ve learned more about writing and poetry from real writers—dedicated, intrepid blogging souls— who bring their best efforts forth just about every week, even when they don’t link up, or opt to send poetic tweets. Through One Shot Wednesday and Form Mondays (each day really) I feel like I received a poetic education—gleaming gems of knowledge and inspiration prompting me to experiment with varied styles, take notes, make conscious decisions through my work. Those lessons prove invaluable; and Sundays, well, I never expected it to turn out so great. Big credit to Chris, and to everyone who posted and shared their thoughts with us. I’m grateful for your heartwarming kindness and encouragement.



48 Responses to “The One That Got Away”

  1. way to go out my friend…top notch piece…the licking empty eye sockets was a little intense…lol….a fine write…and like does attract like at times, you know. you done well my friend. see you soon.

  2. Thanks always, Brian

  3. Awesome work man! Deserves a “like” for sure!

  4. Awesome piece…. a friend once told me there is never good byes, only a see ya around. I certainly hope I will be seeing you around. Best of luck to you, it’s been a great journey. Much learned from you as well.

  5. Your have a wonderful imagination and creative drive. I can’t imagine telling such a dramatic and complete story from the photo.

    On one stop poetry, I am sad to discover this wonderful site so late. This week is the first chance I had to respond to the challenge and getting to know the poets and artists around it. What an amazing place.

  6. How come you are also leaving onestoppoetry , what is going on? definitely a fine piece to end a chapter of an era . I hope to still be seeing your work around

  7. I love all the allusions to the world of rats and mice in this one, Adam.

    Peace Brother 🙂

  8. “Taking my time,
    choosin’ my line,
    tryin to decide what to do.
    Looks like my stop,
    dont want to get off.
    Got myself hung up on you…”

    Thank you, Ted 🙂

  9. thanks for everything you’ve done adam – one shoot was a big success for sure – one of my weekly highlights..and once again – it was an honor to be on a team with you
    powerful poem as well..Rats make for a stupid hat
    Dancing spastic to Sinatra’s pack… this cracked me up..lots of depth and layers in this as well…see you around my friend..

  10. Thanks for the visit to the “Shadows Of My Mind” today. I will miss One Stop Sunday, even though I didn’t take part each week, I enjoyed reading everyones poems.

  11. For several days now, a lot of us have been wondering what’s happening. Things are clearer now. But this poem, Adam, pains my heart. Why do I suspect it pains your heart even more?

    Thanks you, my friend, for all you did for OSP.

  12. Thank you for the lovely post… I was listening to your words as it is more emotional and gripping than just reading the words.

    Thank you for all your hard work at OSP and best of luck~

    Until we meet again~

  13. the word bar Says:

    Well you guys sure know how to make people cry (not really, but you know).. reading each of your goodbyes is quite touching and I see why One Stop was such a success. The heart and soul behind the scenes overflowed to us.. the blogger

    now this poem here you wrote is one smack-daddy spoken word piece. too many lines to quote.. the entire piece rocked:-)

  14. go bro……..but stay close….need to take you to a proper soccer match and drink real beer…pete

  15. An awesome write…there is real feeling and heartfelt emotion in this piece. I really enjoyed the read. Thanks also to you for always stopping by to read and comment on my offerings, I hope you know that it was always appreciated. Good luck with the future, and be blessed. 🙂

  16. Thanks for One stop! Really enjoyed it.


  17. i love what you did with the photo D.

  18. Adam…wow! You’re certainly going out with a bang! Your piece, and the entire spotlight we’re both amazing, and for one last time we have you and Chris to thank for introducing us to another spectacular artist. I am not privy to the happenings at Onestop, nor do I want to be (ignorance is bliss) But I want you all to know, that this sense of community YOU have built amongst us will continue to grow, and at the end of the day, we only have Onestop to thank. Hope everyone keeps that in mind as they continue on their own creative paths, rather than lending ears to gossip and hearsay. You guys rock, will continue to rock, and we will continue to stalk your work no matter where it may be posted. The site may be winding down, but the community, for now…is still alive and well! (And this, dear friends, is what you have REALLY built!) AMAZING! 🙂

  19. Such purpose and driven thought in this piece it is emotional yet tempered in an acceptance. I really enjoyed your take on the prompt. It has been wonderful to meet you in the poetic world Adam, I am honored to share words with you and look forward to the

  20. I love poetry with such unexpected juxtapositions and language. Never thought I’d see Pinky and the Brain highlighted, narf! Great narrative drive.

  21. This is just an exceptional piece, going from simple reminiscence to chill-inducing darkness, to resignation and light. I am going to miss all this so much–words can’t say it, but yours have come so very close.

    Some cast a wicked spell
    Knowing it’s not healthy: staring into glare
    Though rodents tickle smile growth
    Your left side looks so dark and scared

    I could quote the while thing back at you, but you know what you wrote. thanks, man. May we meet again.

  22. “whole” thing not while thing–the curse of the typos to the last! ;_)

  23. Ah, intense piece Adam! This was truly an spectacular way to say farewell. I really enjoyed how you slipped in Sinatra’s pack and pinky and the brain….it really flowed with the poem, bringing a smile to my lips with sweet memories to keep. Thanks for your inspiration through the one stop journey. I hope to see you around the poetry world. Good luck!

  24. No way what’s this Adam ~ leaving!! ~ I was just digesting another brilliant write ~ I mean your writing is always exceptional ~ I have often thought of you as a American Flaneur ~ although a lot of your poetry varies Adam ~ when you spot the things that many of us let slip by ~ that is you being the flaneur ~ contemporary ~ and bang up to date ~ totally on the money ~ I will message you ~ feel kinda sad ~ but I’m sure it’s for a reason that will forward and propel you further out there ~ always encouraging ~ always ~ doff my cap to you ~ one stops laureate ~ with all of my best ~ always ~ sincerely ~ Lib ( what an image too I had to take a double take at that thought it was feathers ~ yikes!!) xxxxxxxxx hgs Lib

  25. OSP truly was a huge inspiration for me and I was in awe of the effort and talent of the “hosts”. You are on my “blogs I follow” list, so I will continue to see what you are up to – and most of OSP hosts are as well. I’m off to other things, but certainly not bigger and better!

  26. I’ve enjoyed reading and especially hearing your poetry, Adam. Best of everything to you. Thank you for making OSP such a welcoming and encouraging community.

  27. It was nice to have read your poem. I hope be able to read more of your work in the future. I’ll still follow you on twitter. Thanks for ever thing. Smile always~leah

  28. Will certainly miss you and your unique style. This piece was truly an exceptional way to say “so long.” I wish you all the best and hope to read your writing in the future.

  29. My favorite part is when I realized that it was about One Stop (long before the end). I liked how it manipulated my emotions in that way. But mostly, I could feel how hurt you are that this is ending.

  30. This is emotional and stirring, with strong feeling as you lead up to the goodbye; what an incredible write. (I had to look up “panopticon”… how interesting!)

    I want to thank you for your kind words and comments on my poetry, they mean a lot to me. I’ve greatly enjoyed One Shoot Sundays, and I thank you for all you have done. OSP has been a great community and an encouraging place. I hope to still see you here or elsewhere.

  31. Adam, this is truly an amazing piece. You’ve covered the spectrum- flip to deep poetry; the word play is simply fabulous. You made me laugh with ‘Pinky and Brain swear’, while
    “Independent journey pines for nothing
    Now, except sapling splinters— ” makes me smile, wishing I had written it.

    Best of luck in your future writing… hopefully, you will keep this blog breathing with you words now and again ~ angela

  32. “Died today
    Remembering with a sigh
    Will never be the same

    Goodbye, One Stop”

    Beautifully put!
    Just happened to stumble upon your blog!
    Thank God I did!

  33. thanks, adam, for all your efforts to make One Shoot Sunday a succcess.

  34. -c


    some day, i really do need to learn to type.

  35. Phew – man, and what a powerful end note my friend.

    You said it to me, and I’ll surely return the favor – way to rock that final post. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and partner in all this. Your work has moved me, your efforts have helped to build One Stop and One Shoot to the great community vehicle they have been for this past year. You are a talented writer, and I think it will be wonderful to see you get back into the novel work good sir – but I surely hope your poetry will still grace the walls of this blog, for all of us to drink in.

    You’ve been so kind, my friend, so supportive and helpful. You’re among the best of people. Cheers, and may the muse treat you well as you go forth as well. Certainly no strangeness…we surely must hang out again, another more chill get together, before I scamper off into the mountains.

  36. You really made a most interesting story from the visual prompt…very clever work.

  37. moondustwriter Says:

    Adam – what a journey. Wishing you the best with your writing world. Funny that two writers met through poetry.
    thanks for giving more than we ever expected …

    Love ya Mr D

  38. Great poem and fantastic photograph.

  39. jennygoth Says:

    such a lot to think about in this poem fascinating i liked it xxjen

  40. What an excellent and evocative poem!

  41. I’ve been thinking about poet communities these days. It feels like we’re losing good ones faster than we’re gaining new ones. Is it Facebook (and now Google+) that’s diverting people from these lovely blog communities. I wonder… Sad, in any event.

  42. Hi Mad. Thanks for your comments. I wonder too… Lots of people enjoy Facebook and are spreading their art through it—seems a good option for many poets, especially those not so keen on using Twitter or condensing to micro. The aspect about Facebook that I like is that you are already logged into the platform and then can like and comment on many things without having to fill out a comment form each time. IDK. Hope you’re doing well.

  43. Oh you left?

    Where did you go? Why?

    Ahhh….gonna hunt you down!

  44. best wishes…

    I’m sure that after one year’s break, your pen is as sharp as knife,

    take care.

  45. yeah…hope to see some of your poems again…

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